Poker Heaven

Poker Heaven is well respected in the online gaming world. It’s a site that is new and creative and it shows in their monthly promotions including rake races, leaderboards and bonuses. With excellent support, live chat that is available 24/7, it’s hard to go wrong here.

By Fred Hicks
I’ve been playing on Poker Heaven for 1 year. I found the software easy to load, which is always a plus. If you play hold’em then you will like this site. The players are pretty weak, calling off a whole stack with just 1 pair. And they hardly bluff either, it’s either all in with a great hand or they fold. I have never had issues with payouts here as I use my ewallet. Payouts inside 72 hours always. I am not a tournament player usually but I do find the players are weak here also. I like to play more than 1 table at a time every so often and it’s nice to mix in a tourney with some cash tables. I can’t see much fault on this site. It’s a neat little site with average traffic and below average skill. Poker Heaven is well….. as close to a true “poker” Heaven as you will find online.