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Poker Cash Rewards has been around since 2006 when poker was over the top crazy. Since then, we have turned our sights on only the BEST, most reputable sites with the loosest action and largest player rewards.


Since our start, we have paid millions in bonuses to players.    Because of our large base of players, we can get you better deals than you can often get by going to a site directly.    We also have VIP packages and custom rewards for players who play poker on a regular basis.  The more you play, the better rewards we can get you.   We’ve given away laptops, trips to WSOP and Europe.    If you think you might qualify to be a VIP player, email us at vipservices@pokercashrewards.com.


We also have free poker consultations to help you win more money in poker.   And we also know that poker is a social game.   Bring your friends, we’ll give you referral cash!  Yes real cash for referring people.


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