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Poker throughout the ages


Poker is a world-renowned card game, which is contested between two or more people, although on average, this is in the number of two to ten players.  The poker game has been dated to go back to the 1800’s. During the early stages only four participants in Louisiana and the deck of cards was only limited to twenty, even at this primitive stage of the game’s development, the winner was still determined by which player had the best card combination. Later on the full fifty- two deck cards, which we are familiar with in this present time, was adopted and the player limit was also widened. While ancient, the game has developed from a hobby to a multi-million-dollar empire.

Poker’s success has been due to its addictive playing style and the heart racing feeling associated with the poker games. This sense of thrill has wooed all those who have participated in this great poker game. The poker game spread throughout America, and soon it was being played throughout the world. It is rumored that in a small town in Texas, Poker’s most famous current version, Texas Hold’em was invented. Since then, this particular version has become what many consider as the essence and heart of the poker games. Poker game was brought into a city known as Las Vegas in 1967, the unit of Texan gamblers who brought the game had little idea of how popular it would become and how the city of Las Vegas would become known as the Poker as well as gambling capital of the world.

As the game developed, it was somewhat limited to huge gambling hubs such as Monaco and as previously told Las Vegas. Although this meant a huge control of cash for casinos in the area, it also illustrated how the game had failed to make it to the household of every common man. To play, one needed to have sufficient funds to walk into casinos and not end up on the street if they lost. Of course some decided to gamble away not giving importance to this fact and soon wished they had not.

But since the dawn of the Internet and social media age, the situation has changed. Online Poker games have been introduced and it has been an astounding success. Not only is it secure and convenient to play, it is available in multiple forms, including free poker games something unheard of in old times. This has allowed many more people to participate and enjoy this great poker game. New websites have cashed in on this monopoly and have resulted in them becoming poker powerhouses which now boast the figures to trump any casino.

Looking at this trend the future looks bright for poker with the game’s expansion set to continue for a long time in the future.

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World Series of Poker


Poker is a popular card game, which is played between groups of players. In poker the winner is determined by the player, which has the best card combination. The winner will receive all the bets, which have been placed on the table.  Although professional adult players play the real money version, amateurs and teenagers can also play poker. They use virtual or fake poker chips as a substitute for real money. For professional players there are various tournaments and the most famous of which is known as the World series of poker.

 The World series of poker has been steadily gaining popularity and now is regularly viewed online and on television. It is held annually in Las Vegas since 2005 but the tournament can be followed back in other forms to 1970. The competition is played with many different events, which are more than sixty in number. Different events are for dissimilar versions of the game, with the more populara ones having more events. The stand out event is known as the main event, and its winner is regarded as the world champion of poker. Each year thousands of players enter for what is many consider the best of the best. The main event of the tournament is in pokers most illustrious form, Texas hold’em with a buy in of ten thousand dollars. On becoming the world champion a multi million-dollar cash prize is awarded with a unique gold bracelet also given as a memento. In 2013, Ryan Remiss had the honor to win the tournament.

 Since the success of the ‘World series of poker’ in the US, a rapid expansion has taken place with the ‘WSOP Europe’ in 2007, the ‘WSOP Africa’ in 2010 and the ‘WSOP Asia Pacific’ in 2013. There are live broadcasts of the tournament each year, the channel varying on the country you are in. A WSOP academy has also been formed along with DVD series of the tournament. Building on the competition’s success it even has its own video game.

 The World series of poker is as grand as its name sound, with hundreds of thousands just spectating the great event. Although new tournaments with a higher ‘buy in’ such as the ‘Poker Player Championship’, the main event of the World Series still remains the most famous and illustrious. The main event participants vary but are normally several hundred in number and the cash prize also varies with each year; having a prize of one million whilst in 2012, the prize of the main event was more than nine million dollars.

 With time this tournament will continue to get better and be the prime event of the poker calendar for all players, elite and amateur alike.


Poker Strategies  


Poker is arguably the world’s most famous card game and is played in all walks of life, ranging from simply between friends, to professional poker players. The game seems to be pretty simple with the objective being to have the best combination of cards at the end of the game, but rest assured poker is not just based on blind luck.  Great players can turn even bad cards into a winning combination. Poker in fact demands intense use of tactics to fool and confuse other competitors. One must know about the poker rules and poker hands to win a game.

 Poker has an innumerable number of complex poker strategies, so only the basic ones will be discussed here.  The simplest one is deception, obviously you cannot have good cards on every turn, and one strategy to improvise is to trick the other players into making them cave thinking that you have a better hand than you do. The use of unique facial expressions, high raising and other techniques can help give out this vibe. Although do remember with every poker strategy there is a risk too, it is the player’s choice to determine what risk is beneficial. As with any risk there are probabilities to everything, by guessing the odds of the pot as well as what cards other players have, this will help plan when to ‘raise’ and when to simply fold. And for this you must have to know about the poker hands. Obviously this is no easy task, and such skill comes from experience and if one knows the poker rules. Another important factor is the position of the seating on the table. Players who have their turn at the start of each round will more likely have better cards before they raise for the round, so be wary of the fact that raises by such a player are more likely to not be bluffs.

 Obviously each player has a specific style of poker hands, with some ‘raising’ early and betting high while others take the more cautious route. Judging each player and finding out how he plays, will help the player to tell when he or she is bluffing. Some players are tight players, which basically tend to not spend much time betting on bad cards and fold. Loose players will allow the game to continue, and incline to take their chances even with bad cards in the hand. Aggressive players will try to increase the amount of money in the pot more rapidly then passive players who have a more lean backed approach. Although many competitors have a mixed playing style, with time it can be deciphered. There are also concepts given such as the gap concept and the sandwich effect all of which combined with other theories help professional poker players become so skillful. Of course for the average player, just learning the basic principles will be good enough.

 So at the end of the day the most important poker strategy is to practice. Because only with experience, knowing and understanding the poker hands and poker rules can help you master the true know-how required to play poker.

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Free Poker


In past times poker, the popular card game could only be played if you had a heavy wallet loaded with cash. It was a game for the elite, rich to show off their wealth or for the poor to bet big with the hope of changing their fortunes. Poker was associated with risk, playing for everything even more than one could afford, although this was exhilarating, not many could permit this thrill for a long time. As a result the game’s fun aspect was not fully appreciated due to the risk associated with playing. This was due the fact that there were no free poker online available to play. But this trend has changed with free poker online coming into the mix in this modern age.

 With the new online craze of poker, it has resulted in poker becoming more accessible to more of the public.  While playing online, virtual currency is used and players can play against each other risk free, thus allowing the game to outreach to far more of the population. Free poker also frees up betting restrictions, which are in place in many states of the US. Online poker makes money from advertising and premium add-ons; so for the majority of the time your money is spared: as a result you can play and enjoy the game without the worry of not losing. As no money is being wasted there are limited age restrictions on playing free poker, increasing its population base and at the same time taking away its ‘gambling’ reputation? With it being risk free, it’s considered as harmless as any other game; allowing even strict parents to approve with the no money version of the famous game.

 Taking in mind these considerations, many websites have been quick to utilize this opportunity, with companies such as ‘Zygna Poker’ and ‘’ opening up websites to making their companies filthy rich. Accompanying free poker with a lush connected ecosystem has made poker simple to setup and enjoy. Some sites even allow users to remain anonymous for a safer piece of mind. So for the first time when you go play poker you won’t have the gut feeling that it’s all or nothing.

 This free poker has allowed many amateur players who admire to go higher up the ladder, and become professionals, to have a safe and secure platform to go learn the game without losing a single penny of their own money. This will allow them to play freely and take different risks to establish which ones are suitable, leading to a better and more successful career whether that be in the World Series of Poker or just randomly when they travel to Las Vegas.

 Overall free poker has had a huge positive and not only is it safe but it also promoting the game which is a huge amount of fun even when there’s  no real money at stake.

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Zygna Poker


As the boom of social media has kicked off in the 21st century, so has online poker. This new method of playing provides easy access, security and most of all the comfort to play at anytime, anywhere. Being at the same location as your friends is no longer needed: when you feel like playing some poker, just log in when you like and play within the comfort of your bed. Zygna poker has been one of the firms, which have taken advantage of this lucrative market and made huge financial gains from this to become a multimillion dollar powerhouse.

One of the main hubs of one’s life these days is Facebook; for most of us it is an obligation without which an identity is incomplete. Taking advantage of this fact, Zygna teamed up with Facebook and launched an inbuilt web application in 2007. It also partnered with other popular social media platforms such as MySpace and Google+ launching similar submissions. To increase ease of use it introduced applications on iPhone as well as Android devices to make poker truly portable.

This move was unprecedented in the poker industry. Once logged into the in built Zygna application, players could play with their friends or with random individuals on the servers at any time. Zygna adopted a game model in which poker was not played for real money but instead for virtual coins; this proved to be a wise choice: eliminating any betting restrictions and allowing participants of all ages to join and play poker. The free model allowed users to optionally buy extra coins when required accompanied by player levels and achievements which could be boasted to your friends on Facebook. The interface is simple with table buy in’s reflection the difficulty of the table. These incentives allowed the game to quickly spread among users and with its advertising campaign it soon it became one of the prime reasons people logged into Facebook or other social platforms for.

An article in 2014 recently shed light to the fact that Zygna poker has been played by more than 350 million players worldwide and is still being played by millions every day. The rewarding online poker industry has really thundered and Zygna have been one of the few industries to significantly capitalize on it. In 2013, Zygna announced that it had started real money betting outside the US. Zygna due to its fortunes has also recently conducted Poker tournaments in Las Vegas as well. The success of Zygna shows how social media and the modern Internet age has rocketed other industries by exploiting its vast capital. This trend is likely to increase in the following years, especially with the online poker industry.


Poker hands


Poker is a card game, which is played between players, numbering from two to more than six. Over the years it has developed into one of the most famous card games around, with it being the limelight of nearly every casino around the globe. Poker exists in many forms, but arguably the most famous is the Texas Hold’em variation. This version is played widely and is also the most commonly depicted in movies. The objective of Texas hold’em is to have the best total possible combination of cards on the table and in your hand at the end of the round. In this version of game there are various poker hands that must be learnt if you want to the winner. This may seem simple but it is anything but, as explained in the following paragraphs. If you know these poker rules, you can easily win any game. To play a poker game one must know about the poker hands.

 The lowest combination of cards is known as a pair; for example having a nine of the hearts and a nine of the spades suit. The combination can be in the hand or table only; it can also be a blend of one card in the hand and one on the table. Similarly the next best combination is two pairs. A better hand than two pairs is three of a kind, it’s basically what it says on the tin: three cards of the same rank. Following that is a straight; this is a combination of any five consecutive rank cards such as three, four, five, six, seven in any suit. Of course like with all poker combinations, these can be using the cards on the table and in the hand. If you need to beat a straight you will need the next best combination, which is a ‘flush’, or higher arrangement. A flush is a total of five cards of the same suit on the table and poker hand. Then there’s a Full house: having three cards of the same rank as well as well as a pair of a different rank, pretty rare. Above that is four of a kind which is four cards of the same rank; so one from each suit. If no combinations occur between any of the players then the player with the highest card rank will win. The highest combination in poker is a straight flush, a series of five cards with the same suit.

 Along with the card combinations, some basic poker rules also exist; such as if there are two players both with single pairs then the player with the higher pair will win. This poker rule will also apply to the other card combinations as well. When both players have the same cards which cannot be further divided then the pot will be divided equally between both players.

 Overall the game is pretty complex to learn but with this quick guide of the basic poker rules and regulations, it will help you to know when you have a good poker hand, thus improving your game.

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Poker Online


Poker is a card game played by a group of players, in which participants are handed a number of cards, the winner being determined by who has the best combination of cards at the end of the game. Poker has always been known as the holy grail of card games. Even with this prominent title, it has always been restricted to where you could find a group of people all wanting to play this celebrated card game. Until modern times, this has been a curbing factor: Gambling is banned in many states, so the only place that you could have a money grabbing game of Texas hold’em, was in a casino in the meccas of gambling such as Las Vegas and Macau.

 There are many versions of Poker each with its own set of unique rules.  In many modern versions a forced bet is required to start each round off, this is known as the blind: it insures that players do not only play when their card combination is favorable. With each turn a player can either raise a pre existing bet or simply match the amount passing on the table. If he or she determines that the risk is not advantageous he may simply fold for that round, in the process giving away all the coinage he has already put in for the round. This sequence continues for a fixed amount of time depending on the type of poker being played. Once done each remaining player reveals his or her cards, and the player with the best combination checks in all the cash available on the table. Understandably there are some exceptions depending on which style of poker is being played.

 One thing you do need to play poker is a group of entrants; although a game is possible with even just two players, to realistically enjoy the game, four to eight competitors are required.  The trouble is that it is genuinely difficult to find such number to play poker, well unless it’s a weekend or your going to a casino. Hence poker although really popular, has been affected by these problems, as mentioned previously.

 Online poker is a new online trend, and ever since its commencement it has rocketed up to become lucrative industry. Online poker is unique, in that it allows people to play poker no matter what time of the day it is, and whether there are other people around or not. Online poker favors all categories of players. There are sites such as, which have allowed professionals to enter and bet real money. Its safe and secure, but most of all it is convenient. For the amateur player, social sites such as Facebook have been keen to add poker via apps such as Zygna poker; this has been a huge success, allowing even young adults to enjoy poker without actually losing money due to their inexperience.

 Overall online poker is the future in this modern age, it will continue to develop and become more popular whilst new websites are formed and tap into this profitable market.


Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold'em Poker Wallpaper 3

Texas Hold’em is arguably the most famous variation of poker available, and many simply know it as the only type of poker.  The name, several argue comes from the games hometown, in a place called Robstown, Texas.  The game spread throughout Texas and was finally introduced in Las Vegas in 1967. The no limit version is used in popular professional tournaments such as the world series of poker.

 The objective of the game is to gain as much money as possible in the form of chips from the pot: It is the collective sum of all the money, which has been put down on the table with other players.

 Before playing any game, a player needs to assess which games he can play in; all tables have a buy in: a minimum amount of money, which is required to play on the table. This insures that the game is evenly distributed for all the players, allowing players to bet at a level they are comfortable with. In most games, each turn initiates with a ‘blind’. This is in simple words, a forced bet: a small amount of money has to be paid in by the players to ensure that the players do not just skip turns until a combination is favorable. At the start of the game, each player is given two cards, and three cards are laid down on the table. Following the distribution of cards, in each turn players are given the option to raise a bet, or simply match the existing bet on the table known as ‘check’. This process continues, with each new turn allowing one more card on the table until five cards are attained. Players can quit an unfavorable round by folding, losing all the money they have placed in the pot the round as a consequence.

 The goal of Texas hold’em poker is to have the best total combination of cards on the table and in the player’s hand: the best combination wins. Although this does seem simple enough, there are thousands of combinations of cards and many ground rules exist from whom to determine is the winner. The essence of Texas hold’em poker is just not blind luck; it’s a technique to fool your opponents to your advantage. For example even though your cards may not be favorable but still acting and playing as if you have the best hand on the table. The phrase ‘poker face’ derives from the professional players of poker; who give an expressionless face, leaving their opponents clueless in the poker table.

 Texas Hold’em poker is undoubtedly one of the most popular forms of poker; it is both a lot of fun whilst also requires immense skill. Its greatest fact is that it can be played in any form be that with money, or simply for fun with fake chips. This has resulted in it to become a huge success in the card game industry. The poker industry is worth billions of dollars and without it, it’s hard to imagine Las Vegas and other gambling hubs of the world.

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Step By Step Guide On How to Play Poker Games


Are you planning a boys or girl’s night out and want to play poker games? But you don’t know how to play it? If yes then after reading this guide you will surely become the king or queen of poker games. You just have to follow this guide and need to practice poker game before ending up playing with your friends. In this guide, we will help you on how to play Texas Hold’Em:

  1. Before you begin with playing the poker game, you must know about the hands in poker game. Basically there are total 9 hands and you must know about them. The better you know about the hand, the more chances you have to win the game.
  2. Each player is given two cards with face down, at the end there will be five cards on the table, it is known arrives in poker game. In this Texas Hold’Em poker game, there are two blinds: big blind and small blind. And every player will get a chance to become a dealer in the game. Person sitting on the left side of the dealer is the small blind while the person sitting next to the dealer and small blind is the big blind.
  3. The big blind get the opportunity to set the minimum amount of bet money in the poker game while the small blind get the opportunity to make half of that.
  4. The first player from the left will get the first card. Once there are three cards on the table, the players will made a bet to either raise or fold the cards. The bet will depend on the cards that they are holding. The process of betting, raising and folding will continue around the table until it reaches to the first person. Here, the players can either continue poker game or can turn over the cards.
  5. The three cards on the river will be exposed and is known as flop. Before the cards are being exposed, the dealer will get a chance to burn the card. The card to be burn is the first card that is on the deck. The players will not get a chance to play with the two cards in their hands as well as the three cards from the river. This will help the players to agree on the next move. Betting, folding or sticking will again begin around the table.
  6. After the second round of betting, dealer will get a chance to burn the card again and a fourth card will be introduced in the river. This process is known as turn. After that players will get another chance to play another round of betting.
  7. Again the dealer will burn another card from the deck. It will be the fifth and the last card in the river. Again there will be betting among the remaining players. Once the betting has been completed, all the players will reveal their cards. The winner will get a pot and the players can continue their game with betting, dealer, small blind and big blind.

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Poker Stars


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Poker: many regard this card game as the gold standard of gambling, being synonymous with casinos depicted all over the world in television shows and movies alike. But with online presence becoming so popular in all fields, it is not surprising to see the rising trend of playing online poker. Lets face it; no one has enough time these days to drive down everyday to gambling heaven; Las Vegas for a night of betting mayhem every single night. launched in September 2001, and began real money betting a few months later, since then it has rocketed to more than 50 million registered players in 2012. This trend has led Poker stars to claim the title of the world’s largest online poker card room in the world.  The website has many different types of poker available ranging from Texas hold’em to five card draw and triple stud.  Pokerstars claims to have the largest number of variants of poker available online.  With twenty five thousand people playing for cash daily, finding a game will not be an issue.

 Poker Stars also offer various tournaments with its pride and glory being the ‘Sunday Million’. As the name suggests, the cash prize is one million dollars, with the buy in being a pricy $215. This is the largest weekly poker competition of any kind in the world. Such stats have fortuned Poker stars to become such a dominant name in online poker in fact, the website recently published its long-term rival ‘full tilt poker’ for a whopping $731 million. The real selling point of poker stars is how simple it is to play, applications are available on both windows and mac operating systems, with security being extreme, gamblers have little to be worried about while being in the comfort of their house.

 With the invention of Pokerstars, this has turned into a lucrative business as many new poker websites have also been established. Poker stars have in fact opened a second website: which offers a poker experience without real money: allowing amateurs to also enjoy the thrills of poker without having their wages at risk. There’s also a TV channel, giving commentary to live matches as well as highlights.

 Obviously, nothing quite compares to the thrill of going to Las Vegas or any casino for that fact and having and a night of intense risk taking. But as this is more of a hit and miss scenario, Poker Stars provides a platform for professional players to try to out wit each other at the all so famous card game whenever they want, be that 6am or 6pm and most importantly it could be while waiting for a jet at the airport or simply before going to sleep in bed.

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