Poker throughout the ages


Poker is a world-renowned card game, which is contested between two or more people, although on average, this is in the number of two to ten players.  The poker game has been dated to go back to the 1800’s. During the early stages only four participants in Louisiana and the deck of cards was only limited to twenty, even at this primitive stage of the game’s development, the winner was still determined by which player had the best card combination. Later on the full fifty- two deck cards, which we are familiar with in this present time, was adopted and the player limit was also widened. While ancient, the game has developed from a hobby to a multi-million-dollar empire.

Poker’s success has been due to its addictive playing style and the heart racing feeling associated with the poker games. This sense of thrill has wooed all those who have participated in this great poker game. The poker game spread throughout America, and soon it was being played throughout the world. It is rumored that in a small town in Texas, Poker’s most famous current version, Texas Hold’em was invented. Since then, this particular version has become what many consider as the essence and heart of the poker games. Poker game was brought into a city known as Las Vegas in 1967, the unit of Texan gamblers who brought the game had little idea of how popular it would become and how the city of Las Vegas would become known as the Poker as well as gambling capital of the world.

As the game developed, it was somewhat limited to huge gambling hubs such as Monaco and as previously told Las Vegas. Although this meant a huge control of cash for casinos in the area, it also illustrated how the game had failed to make it to the household of every common man. To play, one needed to have sufficient funds to walk into casinos and not end up on the street if they lost. Of course some decided to gamble away not giving importance to this fact and soon wished they had not.

But since the dawn of the Internet and social media age, the situation has changed. Online Poker games have been introduced and it has been an astounding success. Not only is it secure and convenient to play, it is available in multiple forms, including free poker games something unheard of in old times. This has allowed many more people to participate and enjoy this great poker game. New websites have cashed in on this monopoly and have resulted in them becoming poker powerhouses which now boast the figures to trump any casino.

Looking at this trend the future looks bright for poker with the game’s expansion set to continue for a long time in the future.

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