World Series of Poker


Poker is a popular card game, which is played between groups of players. In poker the winner is determined by the player, which has the best card combination. The winner will receive all the bets, which have been placed on the table.  Although professional adult players play the real money version, amateurs and teenagers can also play poker. They use virtual or fake poker chips as a substitute for real money. For professional players there are various tournaments and the most famous of which is known as the World series of poker.

 The World series of poker has been steadily gaining popularity and now is regularly viewed online and on television. It is held annually in Las Vegas since 2005 but the tournament can be followed back in other forms to 1970. The competition is played with many different events, which are more than sixty in number. Different events are for dissimilar versions of the game, with the more populara ones having more events. The stand out event is known as the main event, and its winner is regarded as the world champion of poker. Each year thousands of players enter for what is many consider the best of the best. The main event of the tournament is in pokers most illustrious form, Texas hold’em with a buy in of ten thousand dollars. On becoming the world champion a multi million-dollar cash prize is awarded with a unique gold bracelet also given as a memento. In 2013, Ryan Remiss had the honor to win the tournament.

 Since the success of the ‘World series of poker’ in the US, a rapid expansion has taken place with the ‘WSOP Europe’ in 2007, the ‘WSOP Africa’ in 2010 and the ‘WSOP Asia Pacific’ in 2013. There are live broadcasts of the tournament each year, the channel varying on the country you are in. A WSOP academy has also been formed along with DVD series of the tournament. Building on the competition’s success it even has its own video game.

 The World series of poker is as grand as its name sound, with hundreds of thousands just spectating the great event. Although new tournaments with a higher ‘buy in’ such as the ‘Poker Player Championship’, the main event of the World Series still remains the most famous and illustrious. The main event participants vary but are normally several hundred in number and the cash prize also varies with each year; having a prize of one million whilst in 2012, the prize of the main event was more than nine million dollars.

 With time this tournament will continue to get better and be the prime event of the poker calendar for all players, elite and amateur alike.

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